integrative transpersonal Supervision

What happens when as therapists, we meet the limits of our knowledge and understanding? Do we retreat into the safety of what is known, or allow an exploration of what can potentially take us beyond those limits? How much of being a supervisor comes from a superego image of monitoring and controlling?

Clinical supervision from a transpersonal perspective attempts to bring attention to certain aspects of the supervisory relationship that may open a door to play, imagination and inspiration. Such openings can have a numinous quality about them, as a way of keeping supervision radical and not consumed by orthodoxy and control. In this way, we might say that all supervision is transpersonal, as it aims to bring the practitioner beyond their personal and necessarily limited perspective.

The trans  of "transpersonal" delineates what is "beyond" the personal. This basically means participating in something greater than our egos. In supervision, this becomes an emphasis on authentic contact both between supervisor and supervisee, a conscious use of the inter-connected space, which are shared by both.

As well as working from a transpersonal perspective, I draw upon a number of therapeutic approaches in understanding the client. This includes Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Jungian. In practice this means that alongside talking together, I may suggest the use of awareness of the body, creative visualisation techniques, drawing, dream work and role play. I am also interested in the quality of the relationship that exists between supervisor and supervisee and the possibility of a parallel process informing aspects of the nature of the therapist/client relationship.

I currently offer individual supervision within my private practice. I use an integrative approach, whilst holding an holistic focus, which works with the practitioners mind, body, emotions and intuition.