privacy policy

This policy sets out how I use your personal data when you interact with me for services of supervision; psychotherapy and counselling.

As a registered member of UKCP I abide by their standards and ethical requirements which include the strict guidance on the requirements of confidentiality.

Personal data I hold about you:

Identity Data

  • Title, First Name, Last Name

Contact Data

  • Mailing Address, Email addresses, Telephone numbers, Skype address.

  • GP details for counselling and psychotherapy clients where relevant.

  • Telephone, email and skype details are held on my personal password protected computer and smartphone.

Session data

  • I hold brief handwritten notes to provide cues and reminders of session detail.

  • These notes are stored in a secure, locked, fire retardant cabinet.

  • These notes are retained for the period specified by my professional bodies and my professional indemnity insurers.

  • As soon as the retaining period has lapsed, all notes are destroyed.

I use your personal data for the purpose of contacting you

  • To arrange/rearrange any session

  • To submit an invoice

  • To provide any information that I might have agreed to supply you with

  • To provide any updated information regarding my services


  • I do not share any of your details with any other party. The only exception to this is under the terms of my clinical will, which I am ethically required to have in place, for the care and protection of my clients in the event of my sudden death or incapacity. Under those circumstances only, the executors of my will can access the contact data I hold, in order to inform all of my clients, and to ensure that all records pertaining to my practice are subsequently destroyed. My executor will not read any clinical records.

  • My own supervisor does not have access to any identifying information relating to you, barring a first name.