About Me

My name is Lucas Teague, I have a private practice in Brick Lane, close to Liverpool Street and Spitalfields. I specialise in offering an holistic approach in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bereavement, and addictions. This means working with all aspects of your experience, including mind, body and spirit as a means of helping you understand the underlying issues related to these difficulties. My experience of working with clients over a 10 year period is that this is one of the most effective methods of fostering lasting change.

I chose to become a therapist 10 years ago, as I wanted to bring together my personal interests with my professional life. In this regard I chose to train as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, as this provided me with a relational therapeutic approach, whilst holding a good basis to work from in understanding unconscious processes, and the deeper existential meanings of life that I feel we all search for. 

The process of self-understanding is fundamental for me as a practitioner, and has continued through an on-going spiritual practice that allows me to know myself on deeper levels without the demands of established religious dogma. In turn my training as a counsellor and psychotherapist reaffirms the importance of the individual’s truth, as a means toward greater meaning and wholeness in our lives. 

I have had a private therapeutic practice since 2007, and have worked in the healing professions for the past 16 years. I provide one to one work as a psychotherapist. I am an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, as well as being registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  

Along with my private practice as a therapist, I have worked as a bereavement therapist at St Joseph's Hospice in east London. I have experience of providing therapeutic support to those nearing the end of their lives, as well as those who have been bereaved through the death of someone close to them. I have also worked as a therapist in a service in north London, providing longer term support for clients with severe and enduring mental health conditions. 

For the past 14 years I have worked in mental health, coordinating service provision to clients with acute mental health presentations and complex socio-economic support needs. This has included working as a clinical case manager within a trauma management service that provides psycho-therapeutic interventions to organisations and their employees that have experienced traumatic incidents. As such I have extensive experience of working with individuals from a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, presenting with severe and enduring mental health conditions, and trauma related symptoms. 

Through my experience of working within mental health and trauma I have come to recognise that mental health issues are not something that an unfortunate few end up in hospital experiencing, but something that we can all be susceptible to in our lives. 

I am an experienced addictions therapist, and have supported clients within my private practice, struggling with compulsive or addictive behaviours and working with 12 step programmes. For many people the experience of addiction can leave them feeling as though they have no self-respect or identity. For many people in this situation their lives have become increasingly unmanageable through the pursuit of trying to “fix” painful feelings or unwanted thoughts or memories. The use of an addictions recovery programme in conjunction with therapy can provide a powerful healing combination. 

I currently offer individual supervision within my private practice. I use an integrative approach, whilst holding an holistic focus, which works with the practitioners mind, body, emotions and intuition.  

I am also an approved training psychotherapist at Re-vision. 

As well as working with female clients, I have experience of working with men who have struggled with finding a sense of belonging within society, and who maybe no longer identify with the stereotyped male role model, which encourages self-reliance and emotional unresponsiveness. Many of the men I work with have felt that the only way for them to survive is to try to be something other than who they are. However, often many report that after spending years trying to prove themselves, one of the bravest, though rewarding experiences is to be able to communicate the truth of their lives to another man.

I teach meditation and mindfulness, as well as creative visualisation techniques. Mindfulness techniques can be an effective means of coming into relationship with painful emotions or difficult memories. Used within a therapeutic context these can offer a supportive means for individuals to harness their own innate wisdom and self-understanding. 

I am also a father for two boys. Being a parent has given me an insight into the complexities, demands and rewards of being a parent. 

In order to maintain the highest possible levels of competence and care, I regularly undertake personal supervision and continuing professional development. I carry personal indemnity insurance and hold a full DBS clearance certificate.

I am registered with a number of healthcare insurance providers, including Aviva and AXA PPP healthcare.

Training and Qualifications:

2007  Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling (Lewisham College)

2011 Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Tavistock Centre)

2017  Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Re-vision)

2018  Post Graduate Certificate in Integrative Transpersonal Supervision (Re-vision) 

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