"Lucas was very welcoming when we first met and since then, has continued to provide a safe and comforting environment. The journey that I have gone through has felt somewhat transformative and Lucas had helped me to unlock the potential and power within myself. Without his support, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now and I am truly grateful for his kindness, throughout. Towards the end of my journey, I truly felt that Lucas has been instrumental in enabling me to identify the person I want to be and I feel proud to be able to say that I have reached the end of a chapter; embracing my experiences, in a way that I have learnt and grown as my own person and how I approach life and situations. This is now the beginning of something new. I always find myself using the tools and techniques learnt through the sessions, continually self-reflecting and growing more and more, into being ME!

Thank you!"



"I worked with Lucas for 8 months and he really helped me a lot with working on my fears and poor self-confidence. I started counselling mostly for my problems with relationships and at the same time I started to date my actual boyfriend. I was very scared and full of questions and I really believe that Lucas and the counselling contributed in building my relationship when it felt so fragile in its beginning. My boyfriend and I recently celebrated 1 year of living together.

I think Lucas is really professional. I felt he gave me the right degree of space and at the same time through his humanity, the means to allow me the confidence to completely open to myself. He really loves his job."



"Lucas worked with me for over a year to address crippling, lifelong issues. I was obsessed with an ex-partner, emotionally numb, full of self-loathing and profoundly lonely, yet unable to start a new relationship or move forward in life because I felt toxic and worthless.  

Lucas helped me to see how my addictive behaviour, relationship patterns, shame and self-loathing came from childhood wounds, and how I could heal by learning to connect with my lost inner child, love myself unconditionally and feel all my feelings.

I’m in my 40s and I’d spent a lifetime building walls to hide behind. An intellectual approach wouldn’t have reached me, but Lucas employed creativity, imagination and spirituality to help me begin to find out who I really am, and to like what I find. I’m now on a long road to becoming a whole person and building a rich, full life that I never thought possible."



"I went to Lucas with a number of issues, some very long standing with which I felt well and truly stuck. The sessions I had with him were sometimes challenging, sometimes profound but always felt safe. They – and he supported me greatly in taking charge of the things I had been struggling with and feeling affirmed in my ability to do this for myself."



"I approached Lucas during a very tough time in my life, which left me down and in need of help. I attended sessions with him over a 9 month period, where I found that his aid was invaluable and enabled me to get through with a new perspective on things.
I recommend Lucas to anyone considering therapy for his methods, his professionalism and for his ability to listen, understand and provide a different outlook on things."



"I met with Lucas over a period of several months. I was going through probably the hardest time of my life, suffering from depression, extremely low self-esteem, self-harming and suicidal thoughts following a traumatic life event. I felt comfortable talking to Lucas; it was easy to open up and tell him my innermost thoughts without fear of judgement, in a safe, caring environment and quickly we developed a healthy relationship through which to tackle my issues. Through my darkest times of complete self-hatred where I only saw one way out, he was able to help me identify a grain of self-love that lay within, and nurture it and grow this self acceptance of myself and who I am."